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Glenn H. Welker
2822 Atlanta Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20906-3740

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Feb. 1992 - Present

GHW Consultants

Currently I am working as a Web Master/Consultant.
I maintain these award - winning Internet sites:

Indigenous Peoples' Literature
Indigenous Peoples of Mexico
Midwest Consortium for Latino Research (MCLR)

Chiapas Menu

NMAI (National Museum for the American Indian)

Database Specialist 12/2009—Present
Currently working on creating and maintaining several spreadsheets and databases
relating to Native American Tribes throughout the Americas
Work extensively in the Resource Center and front desk enhancing the knowledge
of museum users concerning Indigenous Peoples

Montgomery County Government
Database Specialist 11/2008—12/2009
Worked on creating and maintaining several spreadsheets and databases
relating to local businesses, faith-based organizations, etc

Obama for America
Data / Phone Bank Coordinator 8/2008—11/2008
Supervised Internet / Web login and user interface Coordinated computer (Mac / PC / laptop) operations
Oversaw data integrity of campaign database Helped in the grassroots cover campaign for
electing Barack Obama for President.Trouble-shooted all computers when they were down.

SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)
Web Content Editor / Web Developer 3/2008—8/2008

Provided web publishing support
Converted old web page formats to new design
Updated their award-winning magazine "HR Magazine" for publication
Involved proofreading web content and external links
Oversaw the editing of newsletters and other company documents
Maintained graphics and other Internet resources
Provided guidance and suggestions regarding placement of content on main web site

March 2002– August 2007

APS Healthcare, Rockville, MD

Five years of credentialing experience working in corporate and healthcare office environments

Expertise in coordinating provider applications and the re-credentialing process

Solid knowledge of NCQA and DHS credentialing standards.

Proven ability to work independently and efficiently with superior results.


Credentialing Specialist

Reviewed provider files for appropriate documentation required for the credentialing process

Prepared files for audits and maintain electronic data input activities

Coordinated credentialing and re-credentialing applications and conducted document research

Collected and maintained files in relation to credentialing of network providers,
including application, contracts, current physician licenses, DEA licenses, malpractice insurance, board
certifications and other pertinent forms

Prepared documents for Credentialing Committee review

Forwarded applications to providers and ensured accuracy and completeness of information

Interface between providers and hospital staffs to collect required information

Performed credential verification and request information from appropriate data banks, using the Internet

Submitted applications to manager, director and Credentialing Committee for review

Implemented and monitored procedures and activities related to credentialing and re-credentialing of network providers

Communicated with providers and field associates regarding credentialing status and information

Assembled and prepared credentialing information for appropriate committees

Received Managed Care and PPO provider applications and re-credentialing applications

Maintained and updated database to track applications and the credentialing process

Provided administrative support such as generating and distributing mailings & reports

Designed Internet web page to assist all of the above

May 2001 - Feb. 2002:

Independent Consultant

April 2000 - April 2001:

As an independent consultant I worked for Option Wealth and TechUSA, as a Web Publisher/Developer, designing and maintaining their numerous web pages. This involved using the latest web tools (HomeSite, DreamWeaver 3, Flash 3, Fireworks 3, and PhotoShop 5.5) to create and maintain this outstanding stock options site.

August 1998 - April 2000:

Programmed for MCI and Metamor as an Web Producer, designing and maintaining the OOE (Orders Online Entry) system. This involved using Oracle 8.0 to link the datbases and documentation with the HTML code. Last year I worked on the rebranding of all home pages for, when MCI merged with WorldCom. This effort involved editing and redesigning several thousand home pages.

June - August 1998:

Helped to maintain an IBM System 36 system for the Department of Justice
in Silver Spring, MD, at a branch of CACI contractors.
Involved overseeing computer operations for the Debt Collection branch
of DOJ (student/HUD loan defaults).

April - May 1998:

Served as a Help Desk consultant for
a telecommunications consulting firm.
Also required setting up PCs and installing Windows NT software.

March 1998:

Independent contractor (Lead Web Programmer),
working for ARC (Alternative Resources Corporation),
on a EDI project at Digital Commerce
in Reston, Virginia.

Responsiblities included:

Heading up a team of nine entry-level HTML programmers who manage DoD clients'
home page templates for their products to be sold on the Internet. This involved Client Site Reviews for determining
correct fonts, colors, text size, etc.

Technologies used included
Cold Fusion, Front Page 97/98, and Windows NT.

May 1997 - Feb. 1998:

DCC (Dynamic Computer Concepts, Inc.)

Web Master for DCC.
At the same time I provided technical support for the Financial
Department of FAA Headquarters in Washington, DC. As a contractor at FAA
I was a Senior Systems Engineer, working on Novell, Windows NT
networks, Web Page Database Design using Cold Fusion,
as well as mainframe interfacing.

February 1987 - April 1998:

L.M.I. and Computer Institute/Hightech & Automation

Provided software training & implementation, documentation,
program maintenance/modification, network installations, and DLA
(Defense Dept.) database designing.

Extensive work in the area of Home Page design:
worked on LMI's intranet web site.

Assigned to the LMI's Transportation group where I provided computer support to DoD clients.
Also worked on the Modernization of Defense Logistics Standard Systems (MODELS) functional task,
designed to improve inter-Service
and agency logistics communications.

March, 1985 to February, 1987


Senior Computer Programmer/Analyst

Worked with Dept. of Defense and U.S. Navy in the design and analysis of on-line databases.
Also did file-conversions and testing of new database systems. Mainframe programmer in RPGII and COBOL.

August 1984 to March, 1985


Responsible for the design and implementation of software enhancements,
accounting interfaces, Lotus spreadsheets,
and DP manager for club membership.

October 1983 to August 1984


Designed new accounting applications for stock market
interfacing and oversaw daily operations and backups on IBM System 34/36.

March 1975-April 1979

U.S. Air Force Band


Where superior skills in music autography/copying, research, compiling,
and editing contributed to the meeting of technical/archival needs.


Twenty-five years of experience in the computer industry
with a background in applications programming/information technology.

Areas of experience include documentation, local area networks, release installation, software conversions,
user interface, program testing, problem determination, office automation, system configuration,
hardware integration, software integration, package installation, database design, software
evaluation, on line systems, user training, telecommunications,
micro/main connectivity, system hook up and program maintenance.

Application areas include graphics, billing, inventory/distribution, accounting, government
MIS, business MIS, Personnel/payroll, health care, membership/mailing and banking.


13.0 yrs. Macintosh Family
12.0 yrs. IBM PCs
4.0 yrs. IBM System 32/34
4.0 yrs. Novell Networks
3.0 yrs. IBM System 36
2.0 yrs. MVS
2.0 yrs. SSP
2.0 yrs. IBM 4381
2.0 yrs. Wang VS 100
2.0 yrs. VM/SP


Software Skills

5.0 yrs. HTML Language
(Home Page Design)
1.0 yr. CGI/PERL/JAVA/Cold Fusion

11.0 yrs. MS DOS/Windows
10.0 yrs. Lotus 123
10.0 yrs. WordPerfect
10.0 yrs. dBASE III/IV
10.0 yrs. FoxPro
10.0 yrs. HyperCard
10.0 yrs. MacPaint
9.0 yrs. MacWrite
7.0 yrs. Novell Netware
6.0 yrs. PageMaker
5.0 yrs. Ventura Publisher
5.0 yrs. MacDraw
5.0 yrs. Paradox (DOS & Windows)
4.0 yrs. Netscape/Mosaic
3.0 yrs. COBOL
3.0 yrs. Model 204
3.0 yrs. RPG II
2.0 yrs. VSAM
2.0 yrs. WSU
2.0 yrs. SDA
2.0 yrs. DFU
2.0 yrs. BASIC
2.0 yrs. TIF
2.0 yrs. OCL
2.0 yrs. CMS

PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: US Citizen. Concise communication and presentation ability.
Strong analytical and logical problem solving capabilities. Effective in interpreting user requirements.
Creative in designing comprehensive and informative presentations and documentation.
Highly organized and capable of coordinating a wide range of projects. Enjoys very detailed work.

Uses artistic approach to working with computers.

Articles Written:

Networking Indigenous Peoples

Rediscovering What Has Always Been There


1981, 1983

Yorktowne Business Institute/Wang Laboratories

Computer Programming Certificates


Austin Peay State University

University of Nebraska Marching Band

Music/Library Science


Dr. Seyed Ghahari 301-424-3330

Jimmy Locklear
202- 633- 6809

Eileen Maxwell

Leonda Levchuk

Joe Goldfus 301-721-1733

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